Vegas Recap: Terrible Gambling, Skrillex & Sara Kicks A Dude In The Nuts For $9

This weekend I took a quick two-day mini-vacation with Sara to see one of our favorite artists — Skrillex.

This was our first time in Vegas and we were really excited.  We definitely didn’t know what to expect.

I’m not going to write a 1,000 word post. I’d rather just show you.

Here’s Vegas :)



At LAX, on the way.

It’s a quick flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. About 52 minutes, and the airfare is really good!



Checking out the strip for the first time on the way to our hotel, Mandalay Bay



The view from our room. SO AMAZING!



Sara, before our first night at the club. Smoking hot!!! 


At the Skrillex Concert. We were having WAY too much fun!

I’d been wanting to go to a Skrillex concert for years — and this was the entire reason we booked the trip. The concert was INCREDIBLE and the music was so good that I almost don’t regret spending nearly $100 on drinks at the club  -_-

(Key word: “Almost”)

Side note – look at the Asian girl next to us. Haha. She’s probably pissed because this is the 17th picture I took in the same spot.


The audio is horrible…but check out the lighting at the concert

There were at least 1,000 LED tv screens of all different sizes with incredible images all over the room. And the setup was NUTS. My phone died early on…but in a nutshell there were astronauts, people in cosplay and naked dancers on silk ropes hanging from the ceiling. Need I say more?


I found out we’re both really, really bad at gambling. We didn’t win once.

But we had so much fun. And there are so many crazy people just hanging around the hotels. One guy had a very interesting side business: He let people pay him to kick him in the nuts.

I had to spend my last $9 on that. So worth it.

Sara kicks a dude in the nuts for $9

Umm…why does this video already have almost 200 views in less than 24 hours? What’s wrong with people? Are they actively searching for nut kicks?

Well, that’s a brief recap of the lucid parts of our mini-vaca.

Back to all the serious, thought-provoking, authoritative content you’re used to getting from me on Thursday.

Unless you want me to just turn Rich20 into my journal of drunken escapades :)


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haha! wow she did a good job but hope the guy still has his balls in good shape :)

Sasha Rodriguez
Sasha Rodriguez

Looks like fun! & by the way, Sara is just PERFECT!!! Lucky you & guy who gets kicked in balls.. He should feel honored lol

Rich20Something moderator

@Sasha Rodriguez  Haha, thanks Sasha. I'll make sure to tell Sara. And the guy...well, I'm sure that honor comes with an ice pack :)