How to Make $1,000 Freelancing Online (The Epic Six-Part Series)

Part I: What To Expect From This Series

EDIT: This series is no longer live — but the video breakdowns are awesome. Make sure to check them out!

Over the next 2 weeks, I’m bringing you a 6-part series with some of the best strategies, material and case studies I’ve ever created. And it’s all about freelancing.

If you’ve never heard of freelancing before, it’s pretty simple — essentially, it’s just selling your skills or services to someone on a contract basis and getting paid for it.

It’s an amazing way to make a TON of money if you do it correctly.

You may have thought of doing some freelance work on the side…but it all seems so scary and uncertain, doesn’t it?

  • Which skill or service do I offer? Do I even have anything to offer?
  • Exactly where and how do I find clients?
  • If I do find clients…how do I get them to actually pay me?

^^ Those are all questions that came to my mind when I started my first freelance business a few years ago.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to show you how to overcome all those roadblocks, step-by-step. I’ll compile all that here in this post so that you can use it as a massive reference guide.

Then, on Thursday, August 28th at 1pm EST, I’m going help you tie everything together and show you how to make your first $1,000 freelancing online at a special LIVE event.

More on that later :)

For now, watch the video below and do me a lil’ favor…leave a comment below giving me a quick answer to the question I ask at the end.


Here’s a quick breakdown of what the next 2 weeks are going to look like (for those of us with YouTube ADHD)

Thursday, August 14th

You’ll get to see an awesome VIDEO case study with fellow Tribe member Blake where he breaks down EXACTLY how he used the methods I teach to start a thriving freelance business that makes him thousands EVERY month.

Umm…this is awesome, because it’s easy for me to tell you “Trust me…this works!”…but it’s way better to see someone else do it with your own two eyes :)

You’re going to love this!

Monday, August 18th


I’m happy to give this to you. And I seriously hope you win. Ok…well maybe not all at once. I ain’t got that much money.

I’ll also be opening up seating for the LIVE event with me “How to Make Your First $1,000 Freelancing Online”

I’m letting the blog in on this first, then I’m opening it up to the public (e.g. Facebook traffic, etc). There are only 1,000 spots and I expect it to fill up. Not a fake scarcity thing…literally just a software limitation.

You’ll be able to register here when that’s ready. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know.

Thursday, August 21st

You’ll learn exactly WHERE and HOW to find freelance clients. No BS. Just straight up strategies. Even if you stopped watching/reading here, you’d have enough knowledge to make money. But you know that’s not all…

Monday, August 25th

You’ll be getting ACTUAL transcripts/screenshots of my conversations with a prospect and watch me turn them into clients in a few carefully-crafted paragraphs.

(No, not the edited versions or anything…literally ripped directly off my Elance account.)

Then I’ll walk you through step-by-step and tell you WHY I said every single word, and how I used persuasion to get them to pay me $995 in less than a week (and only a handful of messages back and forth)

Thursday, August 28th

THE LIVE EVENT: “How To Make Your First $1,000 Freelancing Online”

You’ll learn how to put everything together to start a freelance business that makes you thousands of dollars every month. Even if you have no idea what you’re good at. Even if you’ve never sold anything before.

You’ll also get a chance to be one of the first to try out my new private course Freelance Domination.

But now I’ve said too much :)

This post will be continually updated throughout the next two weeks as I drop all this awesome stuff, so stay tuned (I’ll also send you links ;p)


PS — Don’t forget to leave a comment below answering the question I asked in today’s video :)

Part II: How Blake Douglass Used Freelance Domination To Make $21,000 A Month

In Part I of the “How to Make $1,000 Freelancing Online” series, I gave you a rundown of everything that you’d be getting over the next few weeks. Now, let’s dig into it.

In Part II of the  series, I’d like to introduce you to Blake Douglass. He owns a company called Artifice Marketing that specializes in branding, consulting and marketing.

I’ve known Blake for about 8 months now. I met him, like I meet many Tribe members, through email.

Blake hit me up through my contact form to ask me some questions about my Hacking Elance article.

Here’s what he wrote…



Blake’s first email to me, via contact form. Click to enlarge.

This is a pretty common question. Often, new freelancers want to know how people will be looking at them and what they need to do to stand out.  I gave him some of the more inside advice that I’d learned perfecting my freelance approach. Only the most powerful stuff that I knew would work.

The sucky part about giving out advice online is, even when you KNOW it works…most people don’t follow it. Either they don’t believe you…or they “don’t have time.”

But Blake was different. Within TWO DAYS, he’d already implemented my advice…and it was paying off big time. In the form of cold, hard cash.

Check this out…


Blake’s progress, just TWO days after following my advice. Click to enlarge.

 I’ve sent out 4 video proposals and set 2 Skype meetings (both made a point to mention how much the appreciated the video and loved my energy, they didn’t mention my cunning good looks but I know they meant to.) I just finished up with the first Skype meeting and at minimum it will be a $700 project for, what to me, is very easy work. That client also wants to bring us on with a monthly retainer for ongoing maintenance and additions! WOOT! 
Second Skype meeting with another potential client is set for monday. I am documenting it all, and will send you the results after our initial two week test drive. I imagine, similarly to you, we will have to begin turning away work. 
Not to sound like a little girl, but it makes me want to cry. I bust my ass daily being the web designer, copywriter, social media manager, etc, etc, for my company and something is finally giving. I can’t thank you enough my friend! Thank you thank you thank you! 


Two new client meetings in two days…AND a $700 deal + retainer.

Then another…for $1,100. Things were beginning to click.

Pretty. Damn. Cool.

But we weren’t done. Over the next several months, we kept honing and honing his game. Blake went from that initial “win” to having almost too many damn options. From $1,000 projects, to $5,000 and beyond.

Now he doesn’t accept any project less than $10-$15k. And he’s a FAR cry from struggling to book his first client. All this happened in 8 short months.

When my Tribe members see success, IT PUMPS ME UP.

So I started working with Blake and a few other tribe members to build the strategies we implemented together into a course called Freelance Domination.

You’ll learn more about the course over the next few weeks — and I’m even doing a free web class with strategies pulled right from the course. But for now, I want you to hear more about how Blake was able to leverage the strategies from the course to make 6 figures in just 8 months.

Watch this interview to learn:

  • 2:01 — Blake’s rocky beginnings, and why he felt insecure and unprepared to start freelancing
  • 3:45 — How to avoid getting overwhelmed and confused with information about starting a business
  • 5:20 — Why the “typical” approach to finding clients doesn’t work (and what to do instead)
  • 6:21 — How he implemented strategies from Freelance Domination and got his first client…in ONE try for $1,100
  • 7:45 — The “virus of self-confidence” and how it feels to actually make money doing something online
  • 9:30 — The foundational, counterintititive lessons he learned after going through Freelance Domination that he’s using to grow his business
  • 11:31 — His current revenue, how much he’s making and how he’s gradually scaled his project fee up to make over $21,000 last month
  • 14:15 — Surprising advice for beginning freelancers, and where his business would be without Freelance Domination

How would it feel to have results like Blake’s?

Hell….how would it feel to just have HALF of Blake’s results? (Can I get an “amen”?)

Something to remember: You don’t need to be “tech savvy” to freelance online. If you can turn on a computer, you can do it. There dozens of ways you can leverage your skills to make a little bit of money on the side…or a WHOLE LOT.

You just need the proper system in place :)

Coming Monday 8/18

I’m extremely proud of Blake, and all my Tribe members who just go out there and f***ing get it!

That’s why this coming Monday (8/18) I’m excited to announce the winners of the two $250 Rich20 business grants. It’s just my way of saying “I love you” and thanks for reading.

I’m also PUMPED to launch the LIVE web class on Thursday 8/28 at 10am PST/ 1pm EST, where I’ll take you step-by-step through making your first $1,000 freelancing online.

You’ll also get to learn more about Freelance Domination there, and how you could use the powerful systems I built inside to get results of your own. I’m not opening up the seats yet — but I’d like to get an initial headcount.

You can register here:

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.45.12 AM



If you’re ready for this live web class gimme a “OOOHHH YEAH” in the comments :)


Part III: Registration For My LIVE “How To Make Your First $1,000 Freelancing Online” Event Is Now Open — And It’s Free!

This morning I’m really excited because after weeks of planning, registration for my “How To Make Your First $1,000 Freelancing Online” event on 8/28 is officially open.

I’ve been talking about this for weeks — so if you’ve already decided you’re coming…then go ahead and sign up now. There isn’t enough room for everyone in the Tribe — just being honest.

So if you’re interested, go ahead and lock your spot down — even if you’re not 100% sure you can make it.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.45.12 AM

Click here to save your spot at the FREE event :)

Ok — now, if you’re just hearing about this for the first time, a brief explanation:

For the last 10 days or so, the Tribe and I have been working through a new series called “How to make $1,000 Freelancing Online”. It’s a six-part series culminating in a live event where I’m going to show you some of the best, proven strategies for making money on the side with skills you already have.

In fact, last Thursday, I featured a detailed video breakdown with one of your fellow Tribe members, Blake Douglass, who is using strategies from my upcoming course Freelance Domination to make over $21,000/month. (Not a typo).

He goes into crazy detail. F***ing epic.

If you haven’t watched that interview, scroll up to Part II and check it out!!

After over a month of preparation on my end, I’m finally opening up the doors to register for this free LIVE, FREE class with me.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to “mine” your skills and find hidden, profitable ideas that other people will pay you money for
  • EXACTLY where and how to find clients online (hint: it’s not craigslist…)
  • The secret psychological system that you can use to book 7/10 clients you pitch (without being sleazy or salesy)…even if you’ve never sold anything before
  • How to create a consistent stream of clients that EACH pay you hundreds…or even thousands of dollars every single month…allowing you to stack up money on the side…or even quit your job (if you want)
It all goes down on Thursday, 8/28 at 10am Pacific/ 1pm Eastern.
Something I don’t often talk about is that before you’re truly able to step out on your own and build multiple businesses, the absolute BEST thing you can do is learn to take back your time and money by mastering freelancing. I’m going to give you all those skills.
Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.45.12 AM

Click here to save your spot at the FREE event :)

ALSO — ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS OF THE $250 Rich20 Startup Grants!!

I’ve used the software Contest Domination to track and tabulate the winners based on number of shares…and the winners are……


Guys, first of all CONGRATS!!

And thank you so much for sharing the contest. I’ll be getting in touch with you via email, so even if you’re not reading this, you’ll still get your prize :)

Thanks to everyone who participated. I have a new giveaway coming up soon!



Part IV: Where and How To Find Your First Freelance Clients

Welcome to Day 4 of our epic series on freelancing :)

If this is your first time reading the series, you’re definitely going to want to check out all the other stuff we’ve been talking about (just scroll up) as well as the over 100 SUPER detailed comments from the Tribe (just scroll down).

Today, I wanted to address one of the most frequently asked questions I receive regarding freelancing: “Where and how do I find my first freelance clients?”

In this video, I’ll cover 3 things:

  1. Why getting your first clients, even if they don’t pay, is psychologically CRUCIAL
  2. Where to find your first clients + what to say to them
  3. How to turn your first clients into AUTOMATIC referrals for new clients


Note to newcomers: If you’re looking for the registration page for the FREE event on “How to Make Your First $1,000 Freelancing Online” go here:


Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.45.12 AM


Hi Daniel, 

I'm into the venture consulting area. Helping early stage businesses, primarily with market research, product/market assessment and client avatar creation. 

I have some samples from group projects that I have worked on. 

I've tried elance and craigslist with no success so far. 


Dan McDaniel
Dan McDaniel

Hey, Daniel!

I'm super excited for the webinar tomorrow. My goal is to make $2,000 on Elance within my first four weeks.

Quick question: Could you please (briefly) discuss contractual agreements/specific clauses a contractor should include during the presentation?

My Elance profile is 100% complete. I rank in the Top 10-30% for several different skills (MS Word, copywriting, etc.), but I'm finding the legal stuff to be costing me a lot of time (even after downloading the templates).

All your info on proposals is awesome! That's definitely the most important part, but can you share a few legal tips?

I know you're not a lawyer, but you don't have to be one for this! haha 

Thanks for everything and see ya soon!


Looking forward to the webinar! I've done some translation jobs (English, Spanish, Portuguese) and developed Excel/macro/vba stuff for friends and acquaintances, but haven't had luck with the "do you know who else may need this kind of service?" part. I've then tried some online freelancing sites but haven't been able to get my first projects there, even though all my messages have been personalized and address the details mentioned by potential clients. Would like to see if I can make it happen after I see what you have to say! If I become successful at it, I might use the money to help me get stuff to try voice/voiceover projects, as suggested by some people in related businesses. Would really enjoy having the extra money to save some and be able to go out (network) more.

Justin Tan
Justin Tan

@VascoL Hey VascoK, it sounds like you've had it a bit tough in the freelancing business so far, but I do hope it gets better! It sounds like what you do might be big on "repeat business" since whoever your client is doing business (assuming use Spanish/Portuguese) likely have to translate many things over and over again, so maybe it's just about finding 2-3 clients that you can do awesome work for (and maybe even do some excel/macro work for them). Just some thoughts but what do you think?


@Justin Tan Hey thanks for the idea. I have to find those clients. It may be easier for the translation job, as I think it's simpler/more repetitive. On the Excel ones, it will depend on the size of the job (you just helped me see I have a range of potential job complexities here, thanks). The very big ones (e.g. some excel-based database) may be more of a one time thing for some clients. Still, talking about this gave me some ideas. Thanks a lot Justin!

Justin Tan
Justin Tan

@VascoL @Justin Tan  Glad to have helped! It's not easy doing what you do, but if you do your best I'm sureyou'll succeed!

Justin Tan
Justin Tan

Hey Dan just checked out your second video, and I gotta say i think it makes a lot of sense. Whether freelancing or starting a business, the best people to approach do seem to be the people who trust us the most. I think that's likely a principle of "doing our own thing" and getting out there. Although it might seem difficult, I think it makes for a good transition: starting by talking to people whom you trust and doing business with them before gaining confidence and going out there to contact people we don't know. Would love to hear more about how to you start your own web design firm back in the day, personal stories always make things so much more inspirational!

Rich20Something moderator

@Justin Tan Very true — which is why I try to tell even the embarrassing ones :)

I never understood why people were hesitant to approach friends/family as their first clients because to me, it was an EASY way to get started — but now I think I'm starting to understand: These are the people that we FEAR being judged by the we don't want to disappoint them, etc. In reality though, they are our biggest supporters, and can help us to build confidence, and a small client base, very early on.


@Rich20Something @Justin Tan Exactly.  The opinions of friends/family matter far more to us than the opinion of some random stranger, so it's far more intimidating to speak to people close to us.  Unless of course we have absolute confidence in what we're doing.

Justin Tan
Justin Tan

Yea I guess the fear of getting judged is always one of the biggest things we have to overcome before really allowing things to work. I've read before in Termin's Study of Genius that one of the biggest contributing factors to success in the future (as very gifted children), was having a happy and balanced family. I think that plays a lot here because if we feel comfortable with our families, we shouldn't have an issue approaching them and making mistakes (if necessary). What more, it's almost fuel for us to do better since they're they people we don't want to disappoint the most.

I also got a chance to look at part 5 of the series just now and it was pretty damn awesome! Although I'm not into freelancing, it was actually a really helpful experience to see someone else "close' a sale as it gives a different perspective on how I can improve my own selling. It really helped that you explained why you wrote certain things (like you did in the advanced market funnels as well), and would love to see you do similar stuff in the future!


Hey Daniel, stumbled across your blog rather randomly and am really digging the info I'm learning here. In answer to the question in your first video, any extra money I would be able to earn right now would go mainly towards paying down me and my wife's credit card debt. I medically retired from the U.S. Air Force last year and in the midst of the transition from military to civillian we racked up some serious high-interest debt and we've made it our #1 goal to get it paid off ASAP.

Once said debt is paid off I'd be splitting the cash up to fund expansion of a business, putting it in a retirement account (I want to retire early and have some catching up to do) and using it to bring my wife with me on some of the cool trips I get to go on with my current job (Just got back from Turkey a couple weeks ago)

Rich20Something moderator

@airforcematt VERY COOL — and great goals. Freelancing is great becase you can control and SCALE the income to match whatever your goals are, and how hard you want to work. Definitely something to look into. What type of things do you think you'd be interested in doing on the side?

And for your viewing pleasure, a picture of me and my friends wearing fezzes in Turkey. SO BEAUTIFUL. And Turkey was great, too :)


Hi Daniel,

I'm from India. I have been working for a MNC as an SAP technical consultant and I'm also good at data entry, analysis and excel. I'm still not able to present myself, in freelancing websites, in such a way that Icould get some clients to work with. Would you mind helping me? :)

Rich20Something moderator

@Sriram14880 I'd love to help. I hope you come to the webinar! Lots of things you can do to get started right away! :)


This looks great! I've been a web developer for 13 years and I've wanted to break out of the daily grind for a few years now. Transitioning to successful freelancing would be fantastic.

Rich20Something moderator

@BaroqueSpace What have some of your biggest challenges been over the past 13 years with your work in development? What are you struggling with?


Keeping up with the constant changes in web technology. In the past couple of years the explosive growth of new JavaScript libraries and frameworks has required regular dedication to training. There are plenty of training resources, but the process is getting exhausting. My hope is to find a development niche I can focus on, like maybe wordpress plugin development for affiliate marketers, and possibly focus there.


How do I contact my first clients best, in case they don't know me?

Should I directly pitch with a fully fleshed out proposal document, with things I’ve found in their business that I can improve for them, or build rapport first, and only send the proposal when they’re interested?

Lane Coe
Lane Coe

Hey Justin.  yeah, copywriting is something you see everyday.  Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Billboards, and Flyers are just a few things that a copywriter has created. 

I personally have been doing this my whole life.  (I just never knew that I was.)

If you think about it long enough you will agree that, we are all Copywriters at heart.

We sold our parents on the idea that we need to have those designer shoes.

We sold our personality to our first date. (and, the last one too)

We sold our skills to our current boss or business.

We sell ourselves just about every day.

I went to AWAI to formally study the art of Copywriting.  This has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that are out there.

Business to Business, Emails, Newsletters, Sales letter, Social Media, Articles, Websites, and on and one.

Check out some books on Amazon about copywriting and see if this is something that you would like to try.

It never hurts to learn something new!

Justin Tan
Justin Tan

@Lane Coe Hey Lane, thanks for the advice, I guess that's actually really true. I've heard the AWAI course is pretty good, would you recommend it for somebody who's never done something in that area? Would also love to check out some of your work to see what finished copywriting actually looks like if you're cool with sharing. Let me know, thanks!!


OOOHH YEAH!! I can't wait for the course and the interview with Blake was awesome. I am so happy for him.

I have been on elance for about 6 months. I have made some money but certainly not enough by any means, I find that no one (or very few) seem willing to pay decent prices for the work they are requesting. I am a graphic designer and I get really frustrated that people posting jobs on elance are unwilling to pay over $100 or so for hours of work and creativity. It has certainly gotten me down on quite a few occasions. I am at a point now where I am going to have to give up my freelance dream and get a stuffy corporate job because this hasn't been lucrative enough. I haven't tried the video proposal yet and looks like that is what I will have to do, I have be reluctant because being in front of a camera can make me nervous and sometimes I have no idea what to say. That is something I will really have to work on. I am hoping the skills and techniques I learn through freelance domination will make a difference so I can continue doing what I love (and actually make some real money). Thanks for putting all this together Daniel, you are such a good man to reach out and help others. Can't wait to see more!

If you would like to see my work check out my website

Justin Tan
Justin Tan

@ShandoPA Hey Shando it seems like you are really talented, and I'm sure tons of people could use your talents very effectively! I'll bet just learning to sell your freelancing skills more effectively is the key to making this work!

Rich20Something moderator

@ShandoPA WOW Shannon!!! You are SUPER talented. 

PLEASE come to this webinar. I struggled with many of the same things you did re: pricing, value, etc and really think I can help. :)


Amazing article

But how about those of us who dont have computer skills to do freelancing?

Rich20Something moderator

@harvey Good point — lot's of "non-techie" stuff for offline freelancing as well :)

Justin Tan
Justin Tan

hell yea!! That video with Blake Douglass was great, congrats Blake! Although I'm not strictly interested in freelancing myself (never say never though), there definitely are a lot of connections that can be made between freelancing and entrepreneurship that I would like to pick up on. The most obvious example really is why creating a video proposal is so important: personalization. Whoever's on the other end (whether the customer or client) wants to work with people who will care about their work, and so making the customer/client feel valued really is incredibly important in this kind of work. In any case, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what will come up next!


Hey Daniel,

Gotta say, I'm really excited about all this stuff. I've been working at this whole "self-employment" thing for two years, and really don't have much to show for it except for a little know-how here and there and about $2000 in the hole.

So to see someone help out the new and the unsuccessful is wonderful.

Gotta be honest. I've been trying to go a far different route that doesn't involve dealing with people, but I keep having to wait and wait to have the money to do it. Then I saw your emails on this, and something in me thought I might should give it a try. All I've done for months is wait to have the money to act, maybe I should act to get the money this time. At the same time, I'm notorious for flip-flopping on plans, and I'm worried that this is another one of those episodes.

Though, if my Tarot Reading on myself was anything to go by, this will suck tremendously at first, but all will be well and good in the end.

My question is this: Since I feel I don't have any good skills worth marketing for the most part, would it be a good idea to get some practice in and try to learn new skills that I believe would sell well? Or should I try and focus on my (very limited) talent pool?

Sorry for the long question, it's just I'm getting so tried of trying to do this all by myself and getting no where.

Looking forward to all the great info coming up though!

Rich20Something moderator

@JoshuaC Here's a short and simple question: What makes you think you don't have any good skills worth marketing?

Lane Coe
Lane Coe

Yup, we are Bocas del Toro bound.  I am working like a dog to get my Freelancing biz profitable enough for us to move.  

I really don't have to make that much to live there. $2000 a month and we can live better than we do now. 

But, that also depends on where my clients are located.  I still have to pay the IRS their money on any US made money.  So if my clients were all in the US I need to make $4000 a month.  Shouldn't be a problem once these people find out I can write killer copy.

Right now I am going back over all your information on Hacking Elance.   I must have missed something.  My door is still attached.  (for those not in the know....No one is beating my door down to get to me)

Looking forward to the next idea you want to share.

Justin Tan
Justin Tan

@Lane Coe Hey Lane I've heard about copywriting before and while I think I understand it, I've always wondered how people actually learned how to write good copy. Would love to hear how you and Daniel learned to start writing copy effectively as it might be something interesting to explore in the future!


@Lane Coe @Justin Tan 

1. Go there: 

2. Print out the 10 sales letters

3. Copy the sales letters in your own handwriting

4. Just one page a day front and back (US Standard Letter Format) - will take you 45 min

5. Do this everyday first thing in the morning

6. Try to identify the key factors and emotional triggers that make people read ads, buy products and do whatever you want them to do

7. Attempt to craft your own trial sales letters

8. After 3 month follow Daniels system step-by-step

Hope this was of service.



@Justin Tan @Lane Coe I also recommend the book 'Web Copy That Sells' by Maria Veloso. I'm not an expert copywriter by anyone's standard but that definitely helped me get a better understanding on what copy is all about and how it can be so effective in persuading people. It even incorporates @fabimarkl 's points.

Justin Tan
Justin Tan

Hey Fabio, Lawrence, this is really cool stuff! I just checked out the and if/when I get started on copywriting, that will definitely be a great resource to have on hand. I think handwriting the sales letters is a quite interesting/novel way of improving copywriting. I can definitely see the benefits since you'll have to focus to copy, while getting the same nuances/triggers used by the authors. I'll also check out Web Copy that Sells soon. Even if I don't start copywriting, it sounds like there are great tips on how to get better at selling in general.


Hey, D, first thing I'd do is pay off my credit cards! Then I'd have more money for a trip to Europe :)


Oooohh yeah!

Pretty excited to learn more over the next couple of weeks leading up to the class. Hopefully I'll be able to make it though. 



This was a pretty cool interview!  I'm still trying to figure out exactly what skill I have in enough abundance that I can market myself out professionally as a freelancer.  That's one of the biggest places I feel stuck right now.  But Blake's mention that nobody knows exactly what they're doing gives me a bit of hope.


@Rich20Something I've thought about that for a long time, and I honestly REALLY don't feel keen on teaching music (or teaching anything, to be frank).

Justin Tan
Justin Tan

@George @Rich20Something Hey George, it could always be a transition to going somewhere else though! Even if you don't love it, if you could get the money in, then you could probably have many more options and opportunties in the future!

Bill F
Bill F

@Rich20Something @Bill F 

we have pretty good weather here...most years...mild winters, great spring and humid summers....although this summer has been generally wife  and I want to split the year between here and HH SC where we own a condo...that is why I want out of the typical employee deal and do my own thing...I look forward to working with you...